Many Ca. juniors collect $128 thanks to a gallant and concerted WOR Championship fundraising effort

Posted On: 07/11/2016

A very special thanks goes out to WOR Championships tournament directors in Huntington Beach- Geoff Osberg, Jesus Justarroz and Hank Marcus director of WOR and all of the outdoor players and fans who supported Ca-Nev Junior Racquetball. This is our second successful year of these fundraisers at WOR Champ!  

The fundraiser was a fun "half split" raffle with the winner getting half of the proceeds. The junior fundraisers who worked tirelessly for hours were Jared Anwar, Jasmine Carson, Brooke Breklynn  Dane Elkins, Cody Elkins, Madison Elkins (and a small assist from their parents Elkins and Carsons).  

Keep up the incredible job for Junior racquetball!  

L to R. Dane Elkins, Jared Anwar, Cody Elkins, and Madison Elkins helped the effort along with others below to  collect $256 and gave back $128 to winners Ivan and Miguel Hernardez.  

The winners and some of the junior collection committee (not pictured: Jared Anwar, Cody Elkins, and Dane Elkins who were playing at the time).  Top row-Jasmine Carson, Ivan Hernandez, and Miguel Hernandez. Bottom row- Unknown, Brooke Breklynn, and Madison Elkins.