Scott Hirsch

 Scott Hirsch Resume - WOR Hall of Fame

(Born April 14, 1966 in Hollywood, Florida. Nominated by Marty Hogan)


  • Founder and Sponsor of the Beach Bash WOR National One Wall Championship.  (2004-Present).
  • Founder and Sponsor, WOR Florida, the Single Largest WOR State Organization. (2004-Present).
  • Founder, WOR One Wall. United NY One-Wall Players with Outdoor Racquetball Community.  (2004-Present).
  • Founder, WOR Florida CPRT Doubles and Singles Championship (2016).
  • Ran and Sponsored Numerous Outdoor Florida Tournaments Long Before There Was a National Organization in Florida Outdoors (1990-2003).
  • Responsible for WOR Being Featured on Tennis Channel. 2004 Championship Sponsor and Tennis Channel Commentator (2004).
  • Sponsor and Director, Many Florida Indoor and Outdoor Racquetball and Paddleball events (Junior, Pro, Local Events) over last twenty years including the Harold McKahand Memorial (2001) and America's Cup Racquetball Championship (2006) which featured IRT, Legends Pro Tour and LPRT, the 2004 LPRT and WOR One Wall Championships (20011-2006).
  • Like the Founding Fathers of Outdoor Racquetball Back in 1974 (i.e.Wallace and Wetzel/ Brumfield and Mulheisen), Scott Hirsch was Instrumental in Bringing Most of the Top Pro Indoor Professional Players to the First and Many Future National Outdoor 1-Wall Championships WOR Events. These Stars included Cliff Swain, Sudsy Monchik, Jason Mannino, Chris Crowther and Ruben Gonzalez .(2004 and Continuing to this Day as a Must Play Event).
  • Helped Sponsor Many of the Sport’s Top Professionals Including Cliff Swain, Marty Hogan and Sudsy Monchik and Robert Sostre (2014-present) .
  • Coach and Mentor to Many Top Amateur and Pro Players (1990-present).
  • Winner, Open Doubles with Marty Hogan, WOR Small Racquet Challenge (2014).
  • “Scott Hirsch Helped Me Write, “The Advanced Book of Racquetball from 2013 to 2015 [approximately 1000 pages] a Book On Indoor and Outdoor Racquetball.” [Steve Bo Keely].
  • “Co-Authored with Steve “Bo” Keeley of Several Instructional Articles on Indoor and Outdoor Racquetball for National Racquetball Magazine and Many Online Articles in Keeley Vault (2005-present).



  • Sponsored Numerous IRT and LPRT Tier 1 Events (Harold McKahand Memorial (2001) and America’s Cup Racquetball Championship (2006). (2001-2006).
  • Founder and National Director of “The Legend’s Tour” (Original Classic Pro Racquetball Tour) 2001-2006. Ran over Fifty Events and Raised over $300,000 for National Charities. (2001-2006).
  • Founded the First National Paddleball Association (NPA) Outdoor 1 Wall Championships (the same year he Founded the First Outdoor Racquetball One-Wall National Championships (2004).
  • Regional Champion, Intercollegiate Singles, at Providence University. [note: he was roommates with no other than close friend Cliff Swain].
  • 2-Time Florida State Doubles Champions (years/partners unknown).



  • “Scott Hirsch is Unique in Outdoor Racquetball. He Started the Florida WOR One Wall National Championships which is a Merit Itself and WOR Florida, yet his Personal Involvement in the Sport Didn’t Stop There. Scott has Contributed More to Racquetball through Sponsorship than Anyone in Outdoor History and has put Money into Every Indoor and Outdoor Racquetball event in Florida in the last 20 years without any Acknowledgments. He has also Sponsored Many of the Sport’s Top Players. That is why I am Nominating Scott Hirsch for the WORHOFF. “(Marty Hogan).
  • “Groundbreaking is what Scott Hirsch did. He was a Major Facilitator Behind the first 1 Wall National Championships (2004) that Inspired the Florida Beach Bash. Scott was Instrumental in Working with WOR to Develop a Broad Range of Outdoor Players from all over the USA to Travel to Hollywood Beach, as well as Being the Person Responsible for Getting Commitments from Cliff Swain, Jason Mannino, Sudsy Monchik and Chris Crowthre and other Indoor Legends to Play the Event. This is a Tribute to the role Scott Hirsch Played in the Diversity and Talent in that Historic Draw. (Freddy Ramirez).”
  • “Everything he's Done for Outdoor Racquetball, which is his Passion above Indoor, has been much and Altruistic. He stays in the Background, so few know of his Financial & other Support for outdoors.” (Steve “Bo” Keely).
  • “I lived w/ Scott for a Couple Years Around 2013. He Brought me out to Miami w/the Intent of Taking a Camera around to Film the Outdoor Court Activity in Florida, a Mecca of Outdoor Racquetball. I have no Film Expertise, however we went to Courts, some Tournaments & I played Outdoor w/him. Tried, because he's Very Good.”  (Steve “Bo” Keely).
  • “He did Everything Simply for the Good of the Game. He Supported the USAR Magazine, Offered to Build the First Glass court (unsure if was accepted), Silently Sponsored many Players, and Tournaments, brought Sudsy and myself to Florida and Started the Legend's Pro Tour. “(Steve “Bo” Keely).
  • "Scott Hirsch has been a Driving Force Behind the Scene in WOR Florida From the Beginning.  It's Great that his Immense Contributions are Finally Being Recognized. (Vic Leibosky)
  • I was a Very Good Racquetball (not Great) and Paddleball Player and my Dad was a Paddleball Legend so I knew Everyone. That First Year, Steve “Bo” Keely and I Brainstormed and were Successful in Getting the Paddleball Players to Use the Blue Racquetball and we Convinced Many to Come Down to What Would Become the First National One Wall Championships. After year one, The City Build a Parking Lot and Luckily for the Sport, the Tournament Continued a Few Years Later.” (Scott Hirsch).