Ranking system & WOR National Team:

  • Rankings will be updated a week or two after the end of each month. The timing of an EOM – End of Month - posting is a result of when the last events in a month have closed out and its results posted.

Secondary insurance coverage:

  • All WOR members and event participants are provided with insurance coverage to supplement their own personal policies in case of any accidents or injuries as a result of participating in a WOR event. It is a requirement to be a WOR member to participate in a WOR sanctioned event.

Seeding policy for local events:

  • All WOR sanctioned events are seeded based on WOR Ranking points for the division to be seeded. I.E. Ranking points in Men’s A will mean the Men’s A division will be seeded according to the highest to lowest rankings. I cases of combined divisions I.E. Men’s A/B would be seeded according to Men’s A rankings, highest to lowest, then by Men’s B highest to lowest.

How do I get my membership card?

  • Print online under your R2 Profile.

Seeding policy for WOR Championships & 3WB Vegas

  • Seeding for ALLWOR events is based off of points in each specific division. Doubles isbasedontheTOTALpointsforthecombinedrankofeachTEAM. Ranking Points in A only apply to A division. Pro/Open is a combined rank – they are the same division except where both divisions are offered. I.E. If only Pro OR Open is offered at an event, then the participant gets appropriate ranking points in BOTH divisions. If both divisions are offered at an event then the participant receives points in ONLY the division they are entered. Generally Pro division offers money, while Open does not or offers less money than Pro. WOR considers the skill level of OPEN to be the highest amateur skill level open to all participants, and PRO is the same skill but with prize money.

WOR Facebook/WOR Twitter:

  • WOR has a Facebook page and twitter page, where you are encouraged to post pictures and video from WOR tournaments or functions. The more the better. Use it as a tool to promote and market your event. Rick Bernstein is the administrator of the Facebook page, so any questions regarding the WOR Facebook page can be directed to Rick @ rsb5101@gmail.com. Ryan Maher is the administrator for the WOR Twitter page, so any questions regarding this page should be directed to Ryan @ ryan.maher@worldoutdoorracquetball.net

WOR website:

  • WOR has a website with many useful reference tools – rankings, rules, contacts, schedule, outdoor court listing, current active events on R2, as wells as BIG news and announcements in the world. If you have a suggestion or contribution in the way of news or events, please send to bigdaddy@worldoutdoorracuetball.net.

WOR National Championship:

  • The WOR Championships are held annually in July in Huntington Beach California at the historic Marina Park courts. The event is the culmination and climax of WOR events and serves as the National Championships tournament for WOR. This event also serves as the year end/beginning event for rankings and WOR National Team selection.

Membership Renewal Process:


How do I sanction and run an event?

  • At LEAST 6 months prior to the event, if not sooner, send the event’s info to Bill George @ billgeo@georgetec.com to get on the WOR schedule. Don’t worry the date may change down the road. Just get it on the schedule for all to see.
  • Also at this time begin the process of submitting any registration/application/usage forms required with the site’s administration to gain use of the courts. They probably will require an insurance certificate prior to the final OK, if so let them know it is forthcoming and sanction your event with the WOR and request the insurance from Greg Lewerenz or Ryan Maher @ bigdaddy@worldoutdoorracquetball.net or ryan.maher@worldoutdoorracquetball.net . Again, even if the date may change, once you sanction the event you still may change the date of an event. So do this as soon as possible. We will supply you with an insurance certificate request form to complete. This will include all the details for your event and allow the insurance company to issue the certificate with all of the insured information listed correctly on the certificate.
  • To sanction your event :
  1. You first log into R2 and request to be an event director for WOR.

  2. Once approved, you will log in again, and “Sanction Event for Self”.

  3. You will walk through the USAR portal on R2 and pay the sanctioning fee - $35 for one day event or $75 for a two day event.

  • Once the event is sanctioned, you will have its R2 site available. Once available, begin the setup process. There are a number of initial setup screens to go through to define your event and its parameters. Again, these can be changed as needed, as the event grows closer. You’ll also setup the front facing home page information and info to be seen on a few other tabs on the site. At some point early on, preferably a month or more prior to the event, send out the first of two allowed email blasts to WOR and USAR members in your state and surrounding states (and others if desired) to let them know they need to attend your AWESOME WOR Event.
  • Start taking in your participants! If they enter on-line it’s a breeze as it’s done automatically. If they personally inform you to enter them, then you’ll go to your event’s admin pages and the “Participants” tab to manually add them. If you need help then contact the WOR R2 help person – Greg Lewerenz or Ryan Maher @ bigdaddy@worldoutdoorracquetball.net or ryan.maher@worldoutdoorracquetball.net. For doubles divisions, eventually you’ll have to manually go to the “Divs/Draws” tab and indicate who is partnering with whom. You can do that as both partners sign up or save it until just prior to the event. If it’s a large event it’s best to do it as they come in.
  • Once the event’s registration is closed, usually a few days prior to the event, although some keep registration open up to the day prior to the event (some even accept day of drop ins). again go to the “Divs/Draws” section to verify all doubles teams have been assigned and then seed the teams based on the WOR Ranking points each player has in the same division. Do this for all divisions, singles and doubles.
  • Note; if it is a large event this could take some time to accomplish. If desired, Bill George has a program that calculates the ranking points for each team/person and sets their seedings. Contact Bill if interested @ billgeo@georgetec.com. Also, here is when you would set the court/time schedule for matches. If it’s a small event most do not bother with this and just ad hoc it at the event using the draw/pool play/round robin print outs. If you want to set up court/time schedules and need assistance contact the WOR R2 help person.
Once everything appears to be complete;
- Activate the display of the brackets/draws from the Admin Setup page. - Activate player start times if you setup a court/times schedule
- print out two copies of at least the:
* Participants check-in listing,
* WOR membership listing,
* draws, and
* any information items (rules, prizes lists, sponsor info... whatever).
  • Hold the event. If you have wireless access to R2, update match results as you go. If not simply track results on the draw print outs. HAVE FUN!!


If the match results were not entered during the event, enter them now. If you need assistance contact the WOR R2 help person – Greg Lewerenz or Ryan Maher @ bigdaddy@worldoutdoorracquetball.net or ryan.maher@worldoutdoorracquetball.net.
Pay the WOR Memberships via the “Participants” tab and the “Membership Dues” link on the left list of links.
Activate the results from the Admin Setup page.
Send the WOR Rankings admin an email stating the event has closed and results are ready. (Bill George billgeo@georgetec.com)
Congratulate yourself on a job well done and know you have just promoted Outdoor racquetball and brought tons of fun to your players.

WOR National Directors: Greg Lewerenz bigdaddy@worldoutdoorracquetball.net - cell 586-907-9347 or Ryan Mayer ryan.maher@worldoutdoorracquetball.net - cell 314-226-3629
WOR Executive Director: Hank Marcus woroutdoorrball@aol.com – cell 503-320-4443.
Balls, court stickers, & promo giveaways: Contact Hank Marcus.
R2: Greg Lewerenz and Ryan Maher
Facebook: Rick Bernstein & E-mail Blasts outside of R2.
Rankings: Bill George & Gary Wargo
Schedule: Bill George – The hope is each director will schedule a minimum of three events in their area. Set the event dates AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE, at least 6 months in advance is best even if the dates may change later. Getting events on the WOR schedule is key in allowing players to plan ahead and the earlier the better! The events do not need to be sanctioned prior to placing on the WOR Schedule. Send the information on each event to billgeo@georgetec.com. Check a current schedule for the information required to send Bill.
Court List: Bill George Send information on new courts found to billgeo@georgetec.com.
Information that will help is; Site Name, Site Address, Number of courts, Type of courts, dimensions if possible, are lights available, and contact info on the site. Check the current court listing on the WOR site for the type of information kept. At minimum a Site Name and Address is great and Bill can research the rest.
WOR Mexico & WOR International: Favio Soto @ favio@wormexico.com.

* How do I sanction my event?
Do this at least a month prior to the event to allow time to gather insurance, Balls and other needs.

* What is the cost of sanctioning/insurance?
$35 for single day - $75 for multi-day.

* How do I get insurance & what information will I need about host site?
Contact Greg or Ryan and fill out the COI Request form and send it to Ryan or Greg.

* How do I get my event on the WOR schedule?
E-mail to Bill George

* How do I order balls, court stickers, promo giveaways for my event?
E-mail Hank.
* Are there any restrictions to sponsors for my event?
Contact Hank, Greg, or Ryan for any specific question.

* Can my event play with a different ball then Fireball?
No – but contact Hank, Greg, or Ryan for specific ruling.

* What level of event will mine be for WOR ranking points?
It depends on size, scale, number of other states participating, history, etc. Contact Greg, Ryan, or Hank with questions.

* How do I do an R2 blast to my area to promote my event?
Contact Greg or Ryan.

* Are there specific divisions we have to run or can we be creative?
You can get creative, and run any divisions you want. Only keep in mind that the divisions listed on the rankings page of the WOR website are the only divisions we rank, so if someone is planning on playing your event, and traveling to any other WOR event, their points won’t count unless it is a nationally ranked division. If your participants don’t care, run whatever you want.

* How do I promote my event thru R2 & WOR?
Just ask and we’ll help.

* Is there a recommended tournament fee, or is that up to me?
Up to the tournament directors... only thing to keep in mind is that the directors should provide value for the money, meaning hospitality, t-shirts, trophies commensurate with the amount being charged for entry. I.E. Charge $20 and only provide food. Charge $50 and provide food, shirts, trophies, and maybe some cash prizes.

* If we find new courts in our area who do I report them to so they can be added to the WOR database?
Send to Bill George. He is the keeper of the master courts list. He will then add it to the master list, and we will update on the website. See above description

* Shootouts with walk ups how to handle in R2.
Enter after the event. Contact Greg or Ryan for specific event related instructions.

* How do I send a promo blast to WOR members about my event?
R2 allows an event director to send out two widespread email blasts that go to all USAR members within the area you select to reach. Outside of that ... you can send a request to Rick Bernstein.
Send what you want to Rick Bernstein and he can send a blast out to our membership.

* Draws have to have first & last names for rankings YES, and a WOR membership number.
If a player is new to WOR, they pay the WOR membership fee and a function of closing out the event the TD processes WOR memberships with the USAR. This process then assigns a membership number to those new to WOR. After this occurs the ranking points earned for the event will be processed into the WOR Master Rankings.

* How do I handle players that say they WOR members but don't appear on the list?
Either enter all participants in R2 prior to the event and print the check in list which will tell who owes and who doesn't or print a full list of members in your area the night before. Greg or Ryan can help with how to on this.

* How to confirm members without wireless connection
Print the check in lists, draws and any other lists, documents you may need prior to the event. Print two copies of each too. Use the check in list to confirm what each players owes and why.
Update the paper draw sheet during the event and use them later after the event to update the results on R2.

* Who do I report the tournament results to?
Tournament results get entered in R2 and memberships collected get paid into R2 within 2 weeks from the date of your event. We can teach you how. Please note that WOR Rankings cannot be updated with an event’s results until these event closing steps are completed.

* How can I work with my indoor association to promote events & outdoor?
At a minimum see if you can have your scheduled WOR events included in their schedule. It works great in California. Also see if you can submit event promos and after event commentary to be posted.
* Is the WOR Championships the same weekend each year & can any other events be held that weekend?
Yes. It is scheduled the weekend after the 4th of July. It is preferable not to run another WOR event that might detract from participation in this event.

* What is the WOR National Team & how do players qualify?
The player that ends the season with the most points in each division prior to the WOR Championships in July.

* How would I nominate someone for the WOR Outdoor Hall of Fame?
E-mail to Brett Elkins, Hank Marcus, Greg Lewerenz, or Ryan Maher.

* How do I get pictures from my event on WOR Facebook?
Just post them or e-mail Rick Bernstein and he will help.

* Could I get coverage of one my events in Racquetball Magazine?
Just send your story to Hank Marcus with a few pics and it will be submitted for consideration.

* What are the minimum requirements for a WOR Rep (Communication & 3 events)?
un at least three events in your market, communicate and organize outdoor play in your area. 3 Events is a guideline... In a warm weather state like Florida or California, where there are many courts, and many outdoor players, 6-10 is more reasonable. In cold weather states like Michigan or Ohio, where there are fewer courts and outdoor players, 3 events – or 1 per month in the summer is the guideline. There may be other challenges like securing court venue, or permits for a park etc, but the idea is to run a reasonable number of events each season to give the players some value for their membership. If you have questions about this discuss with WOR National Directors.

* Do I have to run all the events in my state?
No. In fact it is better if you assemble a team as a state director, and lead or assist in actually executing the events. The more support you recruit, the easier and more productive you can be in growing outdoor racquetball in your market.

* Should I coordinate with states near me on the schedule?
Absolutely, Use the contact list on the WOR website to reach out and ask for cross promotion and marketing and feel free to reach out to WOR National staff for assistance – Greg, Hank, Ryan.

*What is the relationship between WOR & USAR?
We are partners, working together to grow and promote all aspects of racquetball. Each recognizes the other as the exclusive governing and sanctioning body for indoor (USAR) and outdoor (WOR) racquetball.

* What is the relationship between WOR & IRT?
We are partners, working together to grow and promote all aspects of racquetball.

* Should my name & contact information be on the WOR website?
A large part of the requirement for being a WOR State Director is communication. Without this information available to the public, you will not be able to effectively organize and communicate to grow the sport.

* How can I work with my indoor association to promote events & outdoor?
Contact the WOR National Staff (Hank, Ryan, Greg), who can put you in touch with the indoor association in your state. It is in all of our (Indoor and Outdoor) best interests to work together in growing the sport.

* Can I modify the WOR logo to give it an identity around my state?
Yes, but you need prior approval and final approval of the design from WOR National Staff (Hank, Ryan, Greg).