Code of Conduct

​​Player Code of Conduct

The following is the Code of Conduct players are obligated to follow at any World Outdoor Racquetball (WOR) events, or at any WOR activities (such as tournaments, shootouts, clinics or games). Violation of any rule may result in forfeit – both entry and fees, ejection, reprimand, suspension and/or expulsion from the event by the Event Director or WOR Director. Solely at the discretion of the Event Director or WOR Director; the following behavior could result in immediate ejection from the tournament or WOR activity. If this happens after play starts, no entry fees or other costs will be refunded.
• arguing with referees or other game officials;
• engaging in offensive or threatening behavior;
• unsportsmanlike conduct;
• abusive, harmful or unwarranted disruptions to the game;
• throwing racquets, or other equipment in anger;
• using profane, obscene or vulgar language;
• verbal disrespect directed towards a referee, game official, event staff, coach or spectator.

There shall be no fighting whatsoever at any WOR activity. Any player who either suggests or threatens to fight, initiates and/or participates in a fight before or during a game, or touches or threatens to touch anyone else in a violent or offensive manner, shall be immediately ejected from the tournament and potentially face an indefinite suspension, as determined by WOR.

WOR respects the rights of all of our players and spectators to enjoy peaceful, respectful, non-threatening, non-abusive, non-discriminatory environment, and will use all means at our disposal, including Law Enforcement Support, to achieve this result.


All appeals must be put in writing and emailed to Hank Marcus, WOR Executive Director, at After review, the decision of the WOR Rules Committee is final.