WOR Event Level Definitions

How is the event level decided?

The answer is very simple!

  1. The Event director informs his State Director what level he wants his event to be.
  2. The State WOR Director agrees and then asks National Director to put event on the schedule with the Event level he deemed appropriate.
  3. If there ever was a problem with the event level requested – State and National Directors would discuss at this step. So far all events have been approved exactly as requested by WOR State Director.
Here are the basic guidelines for the various levels a WOR event may have. 

Level 1 - Shootout

A SHOOTOUT level should have these qualities: Shootouts should be targeting the local players. No real expectation of players getting hotel rooms or plane tickets. Shootouts should not require more than a 1 day commitment from the players. Should begin and end the same day.  Shootouts often allow for same day sign up. Always SHOOTOUT format.

Level 2 - Sanctioned or Tournament

This level of event typically will require more than one day commitment. Not really expecting out of town draw, but a two day commitment from the players is usually required. Advance sign up is the norm. Most players will play more than one division. (Single and Doubles, or Age groups etc...) Still targeting mostly local participation. Maybe some hotel rooms needed, and some long drives, but very few airplane tickets.

Level 3 - Super Series

A Super Series is expected to draw players from around the country. It's a Grand Extravaganza on a National scale! Prize money should be enough to draw the top Pros and amateurs from around the country. Many States represented in the draw. Big Pro names in the draw. Nearly everyone plays more than one division. Everyone signs up in advance. Multi-day commitment from players.

Tradition may also fall into play for this designation. The Pro Bowl Event in Hawaii, The Cali King of Beach, FL PK Championships, and the Belle Isle Championships are all going to be Super Series Level - regardless of prize money etc... Those events have earned Super Series designation based on Tradition.

Level 4 - National

In the history of WOR, there has only been 2  previous events of this designation: The 1 Wall National Championships on Hollywood Beach, Florida in 2004. Cliff Swain, Robert Sostre, Sudsy Monchick, Jason Manino, Ruben Gonzalez is just a sampling of who participated.  The 2010 3-Wall Ball Championships in Las Vegas was the second WOR event of this designation.  To qualify for this level, the event must certainly draw a huge contingent of top players from around the country. SIGNIFICANT prize money.


There can be only one! This is where the WORLD OUTDOOR CHAMPIONS are determined.