3WallBall Announces Court Sizes for 2016 World Championships

Posted On: 01/11/2016

WOR 3WB in conjunction with WOR, WPH, & NPA released the court sizes for the three (3) wall & one (1) wall courts today in preparation for the 7th annual September Las Vegas event. The tournament which is the only one of it's kind featuring racquetball, handball, & paddleball players competing together at the same event on the Las Vegas Strip! The event continues to grow each year with plans to add additional 3 wall & 1 wall courts in 2016 to accommodate the over 800 players.

3 Wall Courts

LENGTH: 43 feet
WIDTH: 23 feet
HEIGHT: 16 feet
SHORT LINE: 20 feet
SIDEWALL LENGTH: 20 feet back from front wall

1 Wall Courts

LENGTH: 34 feet
WIDTH: 20 feet
HEIGHT: 16 feet
SHORT LINE: 16 feet

COMING SOON!!! See r2 Sports websites for more information.