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WORHOF 2016 Outdoor Hall of Fame Inductee-Marty Hogan

Posted On: 02/02/2016

Thanks to WORHOF, WOR and the outdoor racquetball community, it is a distinct honor to announce the addition of one of racquetball's most famous players--Marty Hogan into the Outdoor Racquetball Hall of Fame. Marty Hogan joins Craig "Clubber" Lane in the legendary class of 2016. This talented group includes probably two of the hardest hitting players in outdoor history. Thus, the racquetball community has now officially and appropriately dubbed this class...the year of "Powerball." 

2016 WORHOF Inductee - Craig "Clubber" Lane

Posted On: 01/28/2016

On behalf of WORHOF, WOR and the outdoor racquetball community, it is a distinct honor to announce the inclusion of one of racquetball's most storied candidates--Craig Lane into the Outdoor Hall of Fame. Possessing the game's greatest nickname, Craig "Clubber" Lane is arguably the hardest hitting outdoor player in racquetball history. With pro national championships spanning four glorious decades and 18 Major Pro National titles, Craig Lane has captured the hearts and imagination of outdoor fans everywhere with his incredibly talent, athleticism, discipline and determination. Of course, "sporting" a Ph.D. in Kinesiology hasn't hurt his career either coming in handy on and off the court.


3WallBall Announces Court Sizes for 2016 World Championships

Posted On: 01/11/2016

WOR 3WB in conjunction with WOR, WPH, & NPA released the court sizes for the three (3) wall & one (1) wall courts today in preparation for the 7th annual September Las Vegas event. The tournament which is the only one of it's kind featuring racquetball, handball, & paddleball players competing together at the same event on the Las Vegas Strip! The event continues to grow each year with plans to add additional 3 wall & 1 wall courts in 2016 to accommodate the over 800 players.

WOR Hall of Fame is Taking Nominations

Posted On: 10/22/2015

New Nomination date is January 2, 2016
WOR is very pleased to announce that anyone can now submit nominations for the WORHOF- the WOR Outdoor Racquetball Hall of Fame. WORHOF honors our sport’s greatest athletes and contributors who deserve a place in the ultimate outdoor Hall of Fame.

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